Practicing Tips-Slow it Down Lesson

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This lesson is on one of the most important tips that I give all my students young and old……..slow it down! This is the number one mistake that students make as they practice and learn the saxophone and jazz.  Instead of slowing it down and playing it perfectly they speed through everything making countless mistakes.  They never train their minds to play things correctly and their progress is bogged down. This is an important lesson to really understand and put into practice.  I devote a whole lesson to it just to drive home the point so that you can see and understand the importance of it.(Audio & Video)

1 review for Practicing Tips-Slow it Down Lesson

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    This may be the most important lesson that I have ever taken. Students out there please take this very serious, it will in the end save you time, frustration and most importantly having temper tantrums when nothing works right. I know this from experience.

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