Putting It All Together Blues-Lesson 1



In this lesson, I give you 4 transcriptions of acapella blues solos that I did on my “9 tenor mouthpiece poll” that is on my blog.  The transcriptions show what concepts I was using as I played through a blues in C on the tenor saxophone.  I have written them out for Bb,Eb and concert instruments so you can all follow along.

This is a great lesson for those of you who want to better understand how to meld and join the different concepts you have been working into one solo.  Some of the concepts used are blues scales, approaches, bebop scales, resolution links, passing tones tones and chord tones.

This is also a great lesson for those of you who would like to pick up some more bluesy inflections in your playing because you can listen to me play the transcriptions and then copy my style. (Video & PDF in Bb, Eb and C 29 minutes)


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