Slow Blues Introduction Lesson 1

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This is a lesson on working with a Slow Blues.  In this lesson I talk about the method I use to help students to understand all the notes they can use in a blues. I have them work on soloing over the blues using 135b7 and then we work on adding the 9,11 and 13 to the solo.  I talk about how to practice these concepts and how to work through a slow blues yourself to get the most out of it. I demonstrate every thing on the soprano saxophone.  (Video & Audio)

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    Stephen LaBrooy

    I like this lesson, slowing everything down makes a lot of sense when you have so many things to consider, it is a great way to start adding chord tones that you would not normally consider. It is also a lesson that ecourages you to hear what you are playing in a deeper way with more of an inner feeling and expression for the blues. Great lesson Steve!

    Kindest Regards Stephen

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