Playing Outside Approach Note Matrix-Lesson 1



Playing Outside Approach Note Matrix-Lesson 1 is the first video lesson in an advanced series on using approach note patterns to play in a more “outside” modern sound. These type of lines are a common sound to players like Michael Brecker, Bob Berg, and others……… In this series of lessons we are exploring lines that approach all 12 chromatic notes as well as the upper extensions of chords.

In lesson 1, I give you one 4 note approach to work on in different interval schemes. Chromatic, Whole-tones, minor 3rds, major 3rds, 4ths, etc……… Once the approach is mastered for all 12 notes we then apply it to a D minor chord. We start with approaching the chord tones but then we move on to approaching the diatonic non-chord tones and figuring out how to add approaches to these lines to get us to the chord tones. This process creates longer approach lines that weave in and out of the tonality yet always seem to resolve. Lastly, we approach the other 4 notes that are the most dissonant to the minor key and work on ways to also resolve these lines to the chord tones. This is a great lesson for those who want a greater mastery of approach note lines and outside chromatic playing. I’ve been working on this concept myself for the last couple weeks and am discovering some great modern lines along the way.

Join me as we work through different approaches and add them together in future lesson to create chromatic lines that twist and turn through a tonality…….and sound amazing cool along the way! (35 Minute Video Lesson, PDF of approaches to all 12 notes as well as 12 sample resolution lines, C minor(concert) groove play along to practice to)


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