Major Triad Samba Lesson

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This is a great lesson for those of you who don’t know your major triads, or would like to know them better.  I talk about how to get the major triads and how to practice them. I then talk about the method I use to teach them to my students using the I-IV-V-I progression.  This is a great lesson to get you from playing the boring patterns to really improving and playing music while still learning.  This lesson will be great for jazz teachers who would like a new take on teaching triads in an exciting way.  I demonstrate all examples on my tenor with a Lamberson J7 mouthpiece.   (Audio)


1 review for Major Triad Samba Lesson

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    I use concepts from this lesson to get younger students improvising in no time. They have a great time and it’s amazing how good they can sound even without a rhythm section. Get them (or yourself) to add some approach tones and they have the foundation for some very hip playing in the near future. As an added bonus parents love to hear their kids doing this stuff.

    Don Stapleson

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