All the Approaches Lesson 1-All the Things You Are

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In this, the first in a series of lessons on mastering approaches over jazz standards, I use the tune “All the things you are” to teach you how to target and approach the chord tones to produce flowing, logical lines, that move convincingly through the chord changes. These lessons are an offshoot of my “Approach Note Velocity” books. Whereas those books are about playing approaches over static major and minor grooves, these lessons are about playing the approaches on standards that change chords quite often.
I start at the very beginning and show you how to approach, or target the chord tones from a scale step above. I demonstrate how to approach the Root, Third, Fifth and Seventh of each chord to build a solo that moves logically and musically from chord to chord, rather than the haphazard “hit or miss” method that many beginners struggle with. Using the great jazz standard “All the things you are”, I show you how to put this method into use straight away. You’ll learn how to practice these approaches so that they become an integral and automatic part of your playing style. As we progress through these Approach Note lessons, you’ll find your technique and musicality improving tremendously as playing over standard changes becomes demystified and accessible. I show you how to apply this method to any tune you’re learning. If you’ve always wondered how the pro players manage to play over chord changes with such apparent ease, and longed to be able to do the same, then working on these Approach Note lessons will help you achieve that goal.
This lesson includes a PDF sheet that clearly explains all the approaches I use over “All the things you are.”  (Audio)

3 reviews for All the Approaches Lesson 1-All the Things You Are

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    An excellent introduction to the art of targeting chord tones. Steve does a great job of demonstrating this idea and more importantly,he shows you how to go about practicing and incorporating these approaches.

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    Sometimes I would stumble trying to come up with ideas over chord changes in a smooth and connected manner. Once, again, thanks to Steve and his explanations, demonstrations and pdf. file, the fog is clearing. Thank you for the outstanding guidance1 C.N.

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    Another excellent series of lessons. I am really enjoying them. The pace and content are just right.

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