Major Triad Intermediate Workout Lesson

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This is another lesson on using major triads. In this lesson I talk to you about some more intermediate concepts that you can use to solidify your triads and how to use them. I give you some exercises to run through the circle of fifths that will help you to master every inversion of the triads and to create long flowing lines that are woven through the changes.  Many new improvisers are enslaved by the structure of the chord changes.  This lesson is to help you break free of the confines of the chords and be able to create long flowing lines that flow through the changes and are not determined by them.  You should have the previous lessons on triads mastered before you tackle this one.  Enjoy! (Video,Audio,PDF)


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    This lesson is an important cornerstone of your improvisation technique; it encourages thinking of chords as patterns and heightens thought around chord inversions, it also primes your mind to memorize the patterns in all keys. It is not an easy lesson but it is worth the time you spend on it. Thanks Steve

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