Conquering the Diminished Scale-Lesson 2



In this new lesson series called Conquering the Diminished Scale, your goal is learn the diminished scale to complete mastery. Although knowing a few diminished lines and patterns is nice, wouldn’t it be incredible to really learn the diminished scale, how to use it, and how to improvise with it creating new and fresh lines in the moment.

In lesson 2, we are practicing adding half step approaches to the home base diminished 7th chords over dominant b9 chords and practicing how they want to resolve. We will be resolving each dominant chord to it’s i minor chord and it’s I major chord so that our ears get used to how these chords and lines want to resolve.

Mastering this lesson will make future lessons and practice much easier so I suggest getting started now. I demonstrate all the materials on the tenor saxophone. (38 Minute Video Lesson, PDF sheet of exercises to practice, PDF Chord Sheet of Play Along in C, Bb and Eb and a Play Along Track)



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