Swingin’ Max Ionata “Home At Last” Tenor Sax Solo Transcription

Here is another killin’ solo by the great tenor saxophone player Max Ionata.  I absolutely love this solo and have probably listened to it a hundred times this morning.  Part of what I love about the solo, is watching Max on the video.  He is playing this killin’ perfect tenor sax solo but he looks so chill and relaxed while playing. He looks like he doesn’t have a care or worry in the world and all of his being is being put into creating this masterpiece of a solo.  I love it!

I have posted another transcription of “But Not for Me” in the past as well as a solo of his on a minor blues with Dave O’Higgins. If you don’t know his playing, please check out these recordings and Youtube videos of his.  Max Ionata has a tenor sax tone from heaven in my opinion and his jazz playing is equally as beautiful.  His tone is lush, dark and full of character and his fast lines are smooth as butter.  He is also very melodic in his paying which is so easy on the ears.


Max Ionata’s Inspiration CD

I did my best to nail down the rhythms in Max’s tenor sax solo here but I have to be honest and say that Max is so laid back and chill at times with his rhythms and lines that is was really hard for me to figure out exactly what is going on rhythmically.  The hardest part was trying to figure out what was an eight note, what was a triplet, or what was just a laid back version of either of those.  I did my best………

The tune “Home At Last” is a Hank Mobley tune that I found the music to on Volume 38 of Jamey Aebersold’s play along “Blue Note Years”.  I have never played this tune before but I have now added it to my Real Book because I like it so much.

Hope you enjoy the solo!  Thanks to Max Ionata for his incredible tenor sax playing that always brings a smile to my face!  Do yourself a favor and check out Max Ionata’s website as well!  If you appreciate the solo and Max Ionata’s playing please feel free to say so in the comments below………..  Thanks,   Steve

Max Ionata Tenor Sax Solo-Home At Last (starts at 1:23)

Max Ionata Solo on Home at Last-Bb PDF

Max Ionata Solo on Home at Last-C PDF

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  1. Thanks for the transcriptions Steve, Max is one of my favorite tenor saxophonist of today I like his playing because he is very musical and I get the impression that he is not trying to impress anybody but his sound and playing is great

  2. Both Max and the alto player sound really good. Bot as ensemble playing and as soloist. The band sounds really good too.
    Steve, check out Spanish tenor player Eric Peidro. I believe his website is http://www.enricpeidro.com He sounds a bit like Don Byas.

  3. Avatar stuart mushlin says

    thanks, Steve, for reminding me about this player with a wonderful rich and together sound.
    I had heard one track of his in the past, but am now following him.

  4. Yes, Max is a fantastic player! Wonderful melodic developement in his solos and you always hear a perfect time and pitch.

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