Dave O’Higgins and Max Ionata Minor Blues Tenor Sax Transcription

I just got back from a family vacation and was dreading picking up my sax and playing after having about two weeks off.  I decided I needed some inspiration,  so I found this video on Youtube to transcribe this morning.  It is of Dave O’Higgins and Max Ionata tearing up a minor blues on tenor saxophone for a CD they have coming out in 2019 called “Tenors of our Time”.


Max Ionata and Dave O’Higgins

Max Ionata and Dave O’Higgins are two of my favorite players from the other side of the Atlantic.  Ever time they release a recording or video clip I am one of the first to check it out.

This transcription is of them taking a quick two choruses each on a minor blues.  Although it goes by quick, there are some great lines and phrases in here to work on.  Keep an eye out for their album that is to be released in 2019 and if you want to find out more about either of these great players check out Max Ionata’s website or Dave O’Higgins website for more information and to check out their other recordings.  Thanks for the great playing guys!   Hope you enjoy it!  Feel free to comment below if you wish………

Dave O’Higgins and Max Ionata soloing on You’re Nicked (solo starts at 1:02)

You’re Nicked-Ionata and O’Higgins Solos-Bb PDF

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  1. Avatar Mark Rasnick says

    Thanks so much for this transcription Steve. I just love both Max and Dave’s playing. Dave’s 10M sounds great man. I want the album!

  2. Avatar Chuck Ledbetter says

    Thanks for another great transcription ,Steve.

  3. Avatar Terry Marquardt says

    Thank you for your newsletters, however I am unable to download the transcriptions. Can you help me with that?

  4. Avatar Paul Dion says

    Thanks Steve. Ripper solos.

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