The Secret to Fast Jazz Articulation Lesson

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In this lesson I reveal what is an amazing tip for fast jazz articulation. I am excited about this lesson because What I talk about in it is something that I recently discovered that I did while articulating fast jazz phrases. I talk in depth about what is called “Ghost Tonguing” and how it helps me to tongue and articulate fast jazz passages.  (Video & Audio)

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    Ken Tyler

    Hi there Steve, I downloaded this video some time ago when I was working on my basic articulation. I found the Basic Jazz Articulation lessons really helpful at that time but its taken me a long time to really integrate those skills. Now that my basic articulation is improving I noticed that my bebop lines were sounding really clunky. This was the missing link! It’s a very powerful technique with loads of applications and it’s starting to help my lines sound better all over again. I find it difficult to do – when I think about it, everything else goes haywire but when I don’t think about it I forget to do it! Basic bebop themes are starting to sound right now – still not there but sounding more fluent. Like you, I noticed that I was already doing it without realizing on some tunes I know really well. I couldn’t find anything on ghost tonguing at all on the web, then this came up and I realized I already had it. It was too soon before for me to appreciate but now I realize what a great lesson this is. Thanks a lot for all your lessons and continuing inspiration – you’re a genius man!

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