Soloing on Simple Grooves Lesson 2



In this lesson I demonstrate on the alto saxophone how to solo over some simple pop type grooves.  Sometimes the simple grooves are the hardest to solo over, because it’s hard to come up with new and inventive ideas. In fact, for many players, their first experience in taking a solo is over a vamp style groove just like the ones I demonstrate here.

In this lesson I take three background tracks that a member sent me to get help on and demonstrate the different things I would use on them.

The first track is a pop tune, which is in the key of B major for alto. The second track is a funky groove in E minor for alto.  The third track is another funky groove in A minor.
I talk in depth about the devices I would use on solos like this, including…….blues scales,approach notes, major scales and minor scales.

Depending upon the style of the tune you’re soloing over, you can choose from any one of these approaches and even combine them to give you an endless variety of solo ideas that fit the style of the tune.

I demonstrate how you can use many of the scales, licks, ideas and concepts you’ve learned in my other lessons, over these groove type tunes.

There are approaches and ideas here for all levels of players.  For the beginners taking their first solo break in the school band I discuss using basic chord tones and blues scales.  The Intermediate soloist will find the approach note sounds challenging and rewarding. You will need my Approach Note Book to get these lines as they are too complex to go into in this lesson)  Whatever your current level, there’s something here for everyone.

Although the lesson is centered around these three background tracks, these concepts can be applied to many more pop and funk tunes.   (38 Minute Video Lesson)


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