50’s Rock n’ Roll Tenor Sax-I’m Walking-Lesson



In this lesson, I take you through a 50’s Rock n’ Roll classic tenor saxophone solo by Herb Hardesty on “I’m Walking” by Fats Domino.  This is a great lesson to study if you are interested in this style of tenor sax playing.  I was unable to find this transcription anywhere on the internet so decided to do it myself.

By studying and practicing the elements involved in this solo, you will be solidifying your knowledge of 16th note rhythms and  gaining more dexterity with your articulations.  I take you through each beat of this solo and teach you how to think about the rhythms and how to practice them for the best results.

This is a classic tenor sax solo in this genre of music and is a must to study if you want to be a well rounded saxophone player. I demonstrate the rhythms and lines in this transcription on the tenor saxophone. (PDF Bb Transcription of Herb Hardesty on I’m Walking Tenor Sax Solo, 54 Minute Video Lesson)


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