II-V Mirrored Minor Patterns-Lesson 1



II-V Mirrored Minor Patterns Lesson 1 is a lesson based on the concept of “mirroring” a minor pattern in two different keys a tritone away over a II-V-I progression. This is a common technique in bebop soloing but students usually only learn a lick or two using this technique without really mastering the concept.

In this 34 minute video lesson, I take you through the steps in learning the concept and then show you how to best practice it in all 12 keys. I include a PDF of some great sounding licks and demonstrate them for you to the playalong with the soprano saxophone. This is a great lesson to give you an alternative way to approach playing over common II-V-I chord progressions. (34 Minute Video Lesson, PDF of patterns, II-V-I Playalong in all 12 Keys)


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