Smooth Jazz 201 Lesson



Another lesson on smooth jazz………..I must admit I am not the biggest fan of smooth jazz but……..I have had to play it many times over the years on different occasions and I think I do a pretty good job at it.

This lesson stems from a lesson I had with a student where we worked on composing a smooth jazz tune in 15 minutes at the end of the lesson.

This is a good lesson to gain some insight into composing and using band in a box to sample some grooves.  I talk in depth about creating more interesting chord progressions by paying attention to the root movement between the chords.  By creating interesting root movements under the chords that share many notes you can come up with a progression that is easy to play over yet sounds somewhat jazzy and complex.

I demonstrate coming up with a melody on the fly as well as soloing over the changes.  This lesson comes with the changes in concert, Bb and Eb as well as a play along that I use during the lesson that you can practice with.  (33 minute video)


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