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This is a lesson covering a live solo that I played on the song “Respect”.   Being able to play an authentic and confident solo on modern pop music is an essential skill for any working saxophone player today.  If you can play great solos on Top 40 music then you can most likely get a gig and start making a living playing.  This “Respect” solo is on my blog page and is from a gig I did a few years ago with a local band.  I had a member ask if I could do a lesson or two on this solo and my solo on I’m Coming Out.  In this lesson, I play the recording and talk about the different concepts I’m using over each part of the solo.  I tell you in detail what the notes are and also how to finger them.  I also show you how to utilize the concepts in the same way that I do.  In this solo are altissimo licks, growling, alternate fingering, blues scale and pentatonic scale patterns .  I also talk about what I am thinking as I solo and how I try to structure a short R & B solo like this.  I have included a copy of the original live recording with this lesson for you to listen to.  (27 Minute Audio & Video Lesson)

Here’s a clip of the solo for you to check out:



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