I’m Comin Out Solo Lesson



This is a lesson covering a live solo that I played on the song “Im Coming Out”.  It is on my blog page.  I had a member ask if I could do a lesson or two on this solo and my solo on Respect.  In this lesson I play the recording and talk about the different concepts I am using over each part of the solo.  I tell you in detail what the notes are and also how to finger them.  I also show you how to utilyze the concepts in the same way that I do.  In this solo are altissimo licks, growling, alternate fingering,blues scale and pentatonic scale patterns .  I also talk about what I am thing as I solo and how I try to structure a short R & B solo like this.  I have included a copy of the original live recording with this lesson for you to listen to.  (Audio&Video) (21 minutes)

The Recording can be found here:

“Live” Jon Van Wie Otto Link 8


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