Mister Magic Blues Scale Soloing Lesson

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This is a lesson based off a play along to the “Mister Magic” song by Grover Washington Jr.  I had a member on my site ask me if I could make a video lesson on playing over this track so here it is.

In this lesson,  I put on the play along and improvise using some common ideas that I would use while soloing over this kind of groove.  I stop every few seconds to talk about what I am doing and how I am doing it.

This lesson offers a lot of insight on how to use the D blues scale in a way that sounds cool and hip.  I give you a number of alternatives on how to use the blues scale as well as some additional tips on using alternate fingering, the 9th, the 13th and different rhythmic ideas.  I stress the importance of being locked into the groove of the song and making sure that every note that you play is perfectly placed in the groove.  (32 Minute Video Lesson)


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    This is a superb lesson although some pros might choose to think that soloing on the blues scale is easy. You may have the 6 blues scale notes down but you need to feel the GROOVE to sound good. And Steve has done it again. He responds to students’ needs….create a fantastic, easy-to-understand lesson, and takes you to the next level.

    Thanks Steve for a great Mister Magic lesson!!!

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