All I know About Mouthpieces (Part 3)



I’ve been asked quite a few times to do a lesson on mouthpieces and what I’ve learned about them over the years. I’ve played hundreds of mouthpieces as you can probably tell from all my mouthpiece reviews and clips. In this video, I talk about my experiences with different mouthpieces and show you a few examples of ones that I have in my studio. I talk about all the aspects of tenor mouthpieces and demonstrate the sounds of the different pieces. I show you what a difference in reed size and tip opening can do to the sound as well as talking about baffles, facing curves, tip openings and mouthpiece material. The views expressed in this video are just my opinions but these are things that I have come to believe from playing hundreds of pieces over the years. The mouthpieces I talk about in this video are 2 LAW mouthpieces.   I talk about the affects of ligature placement and also talk about things to look and listen for when you are trying out mouthpieces.  I also show you how to put in your own baffle using blue tak. This is a 30 minute talk.  Enjoy! (30 minute video)


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