Overtone Scale Exercise Lesson

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Overtone practice is one of the fundamental aspects of saxophone practice.  It helps build your ability to voice notes and play the altissimo register.  It is also a great way to improve your tone and sound.  Here is another lesson on overtones to drive you crazy.  In this lesson I show you how to play 10 major scales by just using your overtone skills.  I give you a PDF sheet with the scales on top and the overtone notes on the bottom to help you master these.  I demonstrate each scale and show you how to “imagine” and “voice” the notes before you play them.  I even graciously show you some mistakes on my part to point out that this is not the easiest exercise to do………..(Audio, Video & PDF)

1 review for Overtone Scale Exercise Lesson

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    Dirk Weibel

    This lesson has proved effective in teaching overtones to my 7th grade son. He initially thought of overtones as a stupid sax trick. We couldn’t get to altissimo fingerings because of his reluctance to practice overtones. Relating overtones to the major scale has broken through his barrier to practice. From here, I’ll introduce altissimo fingerings to extend the range of major scales. Thanks Steve for this excellent resource!

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