Playing Outside-The Major Minor Blues Scale Lesson 1



This is an exciting lesson!  Earlier this week I was working on a song that is in D minor.  I was playing over it with my typical blues scale type lines when I decided to add a few notes to it.  As I was playing around with it,  I realized that this was a  great sounding scale that sounds a bit outside and hip.  I was so into this scale that I played for hours and hours to that recording.  It sort of reminds me of the sax player Bill Evans and some of the chromatic type lines he plays.  I have never seen this scale before although it probably exists somewhere so I am calling it the Major Minor Blues scale  because it has elements of a minor blues scale and a major blues scale in it. (I was tempted to call it the Neffatonic scale)  If you listen to the clip of the lesson you can get an idea of some of the modern lines you can create with this major minor blues scale. I have included a page of cool lines that I came up with using it in D minor and C minor.  This is only the tip of the iceberg though.  Get this lesson for yourself and dive in to some totally killer lines to amaze your friends and family…….. (27 minute video & PDF)


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