Creating Modern Lines with Altered Pentatonic Variations-Lesson 1



In this lesson, we are taking a more in-depth look at the use of altered pentatonic variations to play cool “outside”lines over a minor key center.   This lesson is based off of the pentatonic line #20 in my book “Mastering Altered Pentatonics”. You will need that book to get the most out of this lesson.

In this lesson, I have created a system that I used to mix up the 12 pentatonic altered scales in my book to create these 24 great sounding modern lines.  I teach you how I came up with this system and how I used it to create these fresh lines based off of the 12 pentatonic scales in my book. 

This is a great lesson if you struggle with adding variety and “outside” lines to your favorite minor grooves.  Mastering these altered pentatonics will give you access to a range of sounds that will make other musicians ask what you were playing and thinking on your last solo……..I demonstrate all the lines to a funky D minor play along (C minor concert) and demonstrate all the lines on the soprano saxophone.

(38 Minute Video Lesson,  36 page PDF of  24 altered pentatonic variations in all 12 keys)



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