One Bar Blues Lick Variations Lesson



This is a lesson based off of my  “One Bar Blues Licks and the 12 Bar Blues Lesson” and my “One Bar Bebop Blues Lesson”.

In those lessons, I give you a number of blues and bebop licks that you can play over a 12 bar blues.  I tell you to practice the licks and to try to vary them so that you can internalize them and get more use out of them.  I had a member of my site take this to heart.  He took 3 licks from those 2 lessons and wrote out all the variations of the licks that he could come up with.  I asked him if I could use the sheets for a lesson and he agreed.

This is a great lesson to get a feel and understanding for some of the variations that can be used on a simple one bar lick.  Once you play through these variations and begin to understand them, you can apply them to your existing vocabulary.  Learning how to put variations into your vocabulary is a huge benefit to extending your vocabulary and getting more use out of it.

This lesson comes with 3 PDF sheets of all the variations.  I play through them on my tenor saxophone so that you can hear how they sound.  (31 Minute Video and 3 PDFs)



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