Minor 6th Pentatonic Blues Lesson 1



Minor 6th Pentatonic Blues Lesson 1 is the first lesson in a series of lessons on using the Minor 6th pentatonic over a standard 12 bar blues. In this lesson I show you the Minor 6th Pentatonics that work over a simple 12 bar blues in C (for soprano sax) and show you two different ways to think about them. I give you 8 patterns in a PDF to practice that use the Minor 6th pentatonic and show you how to play them through the blues form with the included play along. These patterns are a first step to

This is a great lesson to study if you want a new and fresh approach to your blues soloing. The lines created by using these pentatonic scales are more intervallic and modern sounding which gives you another tool to use over dominant chords. The patterns are all demonstrated on the soprano saxophone.(31 Minute Video Lesson, PDF in Bb,Eb and C, Bb Concert Organ Blues Play Along)


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