Mastering Diatonic Patterns Lesson 2-Tenor Sax



This is lesson 2 in a series of lessons on my new book “Mastering Major Diatonic Patterns”.

I have had a few members ask if I could do some more detailed lessons on how I work out of this book as well as how I teach students from this book.

I find that the key to getting these patterns from the book to coming out of your horn is a 5 step approach. I work on each pattern with a play along and show you the 5 steps that I use with myself and students that really frees me up to use the patterns while soloing.

In this lesson I take you through patterns 26-50 in the book while demonstrating the concepts on the tenor saxophone.  The concepts and principles will apply to every instrument though.  To get the most use out of these lessons, you will need my “Mastering Major Diatonic Patterns” book to work from. (32 minute video)


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