In A Mellow Tone Triads Lesson

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This is a follow up lesson to my lesson on “Major Triad Samba”. In this lesson, I take what you’ve been working on with triads and apply it to the tune “In a Mellow Tone” by Duke Ellington. This is a great tune to practice using the triads you have been working on to improvise over the tune.  I talk in depth about the different ways to practice the triads to the tune. I also talk about the goals of practicing this method and how it will  improve your improvisation. The concepts in this lesson can be applied to all standards.   (28 Minute Video Lesson)

2 reviews for In A Mellow Tone Triads Lesson

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    This is a valuable lesson for anyone who like me is developing their improvisation from the roots up; you will require the sheet music to make the most of this lesson. It has lots of useful practice tips that could be applied to other standards, the lesson breaks the tune down very simply then encourages you to develop it further as you progress. It is a very worthwhile download in my opinion. Much appreciated Steve.

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    This is a great lesson that mix theory with practice, gives a lot of ideas for chords progression. For the ones who are interested, I’ve added a play along and the chords changes in the members forum in sheet-music-and-pdfs/in-a-mellow-tone-triads-lesson-material

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