Beginner Jazz Improvisation Lesson 10A-Tenor Sax



This is a beginner improviser series for tenor sax.  In this series of lessons I will take you from the very beginning and teach you how to improvise.

In this lesson 10A, I teach you some more tips on working on the tune “In a Mellow Tone” by Duke Ellington.  This is a great lesson for introducing a jazz student to faster occurring chords. I teach you a step by step method that I use with my student to master the chords using all of the techniques we have been using so far in the series.  I wrap up this lesson by talking about how to use these techniques to play solos and melodies over the changes.

My goal with these series of lessons is too teach you all the basic chords and scales in every key and get you improvising in a fluent way over some common jazz standards.  I demonstrate all the material on my tenor saxophone. (34 Minute Video & PDF)


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