Beginner Jazz Improvisation Lesson 1A-Tenor Sax

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This is a beginner jazz improvisation series for tenor sax.  In this series of lessons I will take you from the very beginning and teach you how to improvise.  I cover the same material as the alto sax jazz  improvisation lesson but focus on the tenor and it’s keys. In this lesson, I teach you the C major scale, the D dorian scale, the G mixolydian scale and the chords that these work over.  I show you how to learn these scales and the chords as well as how to practice them with some Aebersold play alongs.  I teach you the A blues scale and talk about how to use it against C major and A minor.   Most teachers, will leave you with the scales and not teach further.  Instead of just doing that, I go on to spend  time talking about hearing the resolution points within each scale and chord.  I teach you what to listen for when improvising and how to use this to create your solos.    My teaching goal, is not to just teach you a scale but to teach you how to hear and use the notes you are learning in those scales to create beautiful solos.

As you study and practice through the Beginner Jazz Improvisation Series, you will learn your basic chords and scales in every key as well as how to  improvise in a fluent way over some common jazz standards.  This is a must lesson series for anyone who has always wanted to learn to improvise but has never known how.  I demonstrate all the material on my tenor saxophone so you can not only hear me talk about these concepts but also hear and see me play them. (Audio,Video & PDF) (33 Minutes Video Lesson)

4 reviews for Beginner Jazz Improvisation Lesson 1A-Tenor Sax

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    “Steve, your Basic Improv lessons are THE BOMB!!! I have gone through so many teachers and none of them explains the concept and methodology quite as simply and easy to understand as yours! They just ask you to memorize scales and play what comes to mind. All jazz instructors should take a look at what you have.

    These lessons should be the very first lessons you put up. Makes everything all so clear now.

    Please consider writing a Neff Method to Basic Jazz Improv. I believe it will become a must have book for many Jazz Improv 101 college programs.

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    Pete Dimaline

    I want to say something about Steve Neff’s series of lessons, Beginner Jazz Improvisation. For a couple of years I tried many beginner lessons and my problem was that there was a gap between lessons that were fairly simple and ones that I was not quite ready for and my progress stalled out. That problem was solved with the series Beginner Jazz Improvisation. He guides you step by step along the way and builds a foundation for learning jazz and blues. He leaves no question about what to practice and focus on and the material is very interesting. I think this is the best teaching series available and he continues to add more lessons to the series. I can’t thank him enough for it. May he go on for ever! Pete

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    Bernhard (verified owner)

    Hey Steve, thank you so much for these great lessons. I have been playing sax for Years and I never got the Chords and Scales in my Mind and in my Hands. These lessons are so much fun to learn and my understanding of Chords and Harmony has improved from the first lesson.

    To practice with the playalong was so fun even when i had to start with the beginning C Scale : )

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    Steve’s lessons are fantastic for laying down a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon. I have been playing for some time but there have been gaps in my knowledge. With these lessons my understanding is broadening and the lessons unfold in a fun and methodical progression. Brilliant!

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