Diminished Patterns-Lesson 3



The Diminished scale is one of the coolest scales that you can learn.  There are an incredible number of patterns and lines that can be created from this scale that sound fresh and modern.  If you listen to the jazz being played today, chances are that you will hear the diminished sound many times.

In this 33 minute long video lesson,  I give you 6 new diminished patterns that are really cool.  I show you how to learn them and use them while improvising.  I even wrote them out  so you have them to use in all 12 keys.  The great thing about the diminished scale is that once you master it in 3 keys then you can use it on 24 different chords.  I show you how to use them on dominant chords and diminished chords as well as how best to practice these patterns and master them.   Enjoy!!  (33 Minute Video Lesson)


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