One Bar Blues Licks and the 12 Bar Blues Lesson

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Play the blues now! Don’t wait until you’ve learned dozens of fancy scales and chords to begin playing the blues. By using the simple tips and methods outlined in this lesson, even a beginner can start playing great sounding blues solos. But you don’t have to be a beginner to make the most of this great lesson. If you’ve been practicing your Blues Scales but still have trouble turning them into great sounding blues solos, “One Bar Blues Licks” will get you headed in the right direction and keep you going for a long, long time. In this lesson I demonstrate how to take a simple one bar lick and get it under your fingers and into your ears. I show you how to memorize blues licks and patterns as I teach you how to play those patterns and licks with a multitude of rhythmic and melodic alterations, that will turn those simple one bar licks, into a whole bunch of useful and useable ideas. I demonstrate how you too can turn each lick into dozens more, by linking these one bar phrases together and learning to mix and match them to create longer lines.
This lesson is great for the beginner who wants to get his or her blues happening right now!
Using this approach, even a beginner can learn how to build a great blues solo, from just a handful of simple licks. The more advanced student will be able to immediately apply this approach to all the licks they might already know and learn how to adapt each lick to a variety of grooves and feels, from slow blues to up-tempo funk.

These lessons accomplish the goals of teaching you how to add to your vocabulary and at the same time, teach you how to get more mileage and variety out of the licks you already know.
Use this lesson with my Using the Blues Scale Part 1 & Using the Blues Scale Part 2 to really get your blues playing off to a solid start.  (Audio)


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    read on your site you are working on a blues book, the 1 bar blues lick pdf you sent out a few months ago on the lessons has been working wonders as a teaching tool. looking forward to the blues book, any idea when that will be out?

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