The Best II-V-I’s Overview Lesson

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The II-V-I progression is one of the most common progressions in jazz.  A number of years ago, I wrote my popular “The Best II-V-I Patterns” book.  This book is a collection of the best II-V-I patterns that I have come across in my 30 years of playing and teaching.  While there has been much praise and accolades for the book since it’s release, many beginner and intermediate students have not understood how to work out of the book for the most benefit.   I have received many emails asking how to use the book to becaome a better improviser and jazz player.  This lesson is my solution for all those players.

In this 33 minute long lesson,  I show you exactly how I work out of the book myself as well as teach from it.   I cover the basic theory of the II-V-I as well as intermediate level theory and practice concepts.  I explain in detail what the progression is, how to figure out the chords, how to practice it,  how to apply patterns over it, and how I practice them myself.  I includes  many samples of me playing through different examples.  This is a great  companion lesson to my “Best Major II-V-I” book which is highly recommended if you want to get the most from this lesson.   (33 Minute Audio Lesson)


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    Can’t thank you enough bro. Your lessons are just clicking. Good to know the flat 9 after II-V’s is ok to do.
    I am gaining scary levels of confidence in my mental strategy when playing over changes, and moving further and further away from playing merely what
    “sounds” right.
    So, thanks again for enabling me to better understand what I’m doing. This new blues progression is sweet. I’m glad I finally have it, as I hear it a lot, but my ears wasn’t picking up on it (to transcribe the change).
    Well, gotta go… oh, yeah… A+++ on revamp of site… so far (can’t give too many compliments)!

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