Diminished Mastery Etude #1



Diminished Mastery Etude #1 is a lesson I have made to introduce students to some more advanced diminished lines and concepts. I have written these lines down in the form of an etude for students to practice to the play alongs that I have included.

This lesson is focused on one diminished scale as it is used over 4 different tonics. A7,C7,Eb7 and F#7 for Bb instruments. The goal of this lesson is for the student to gain a mastery of these advanced diminished lines as well as to train their ear to use this one scale over the 4 possible tonics. I show you how to work through the etude and how to use it as a starting point for your own diminished studies.

This lesson goes much deeper than just playing an Etude but is a tool for the more advanced student to use to inspire them with the possibilities available with the diminished scale. All the concepts are demonstrated on the soprano saxophone. (36 minute video lesson, 2 page PDF etude written in 4 keys, 4 play alongs in the concert keys of G7,Bb7,Db7 and E7)


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