Bebop Articulation Lesson 2-Anthropology and Scrapple



In this lesson 2 on bebop articulation, I take an in-depth look on how to articulate two Charlie Parker tunes in the Charlie Parker Omnibook. We take a look at Anthropology and Scrapple from the Apple. I play the melodies slowly on the alto saxophone and talk about each note and how to properly apply bebop articulation to it. I then play them at full speed so that you can hear how the articulation sounds at that speed. I also give you insights and tips on how to practice from the Omnibook as well as an in-depth look at the different rhythms Charlie Parker uses in these classic melodies.

This is a great lesson for those of you who want to learn more about jazz articulation on the saxophone and want to make sure you are doing it correctly as you begin working on the Omnibook. You will need the Charlie Parker Omnibook to get the most out of this lesson. All of the examples are played on the alto sax.(41 Minute Video Lesson)


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