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The Pentatonic Scale is one of the most useful scales to learn and use whatever style of music you want to play. Whether you want to play Jazz, Rock, Funk Folk, or Fusion, Pentatonic Scales are an essential tool to have in your repertoire. Whichever players you’re into, from John Coltrane to Jerry Bergonzi, from Michael Brecker to Dave Sanborn, the Pentatonic Scales form a large part of what you hear from these great players and by mastering these scales you’ll be able to utilize those same sounds in your own playing.
In this, my first lesson on the Pentatonic Scale, I introduce the Minor Pentatonic Scale and demonstrate how to play and practice it in every key. Listen as I demonstrate using the Minor Pentatonic scale over major and minor tracks as I show you how to set up a practice routine that will have you playing fluently with these scales in every key.
I show you some great patterns that will get these scales under your fingers fast. I play the patterns for you over both major and minor grooves and teach you how to alter the patterns by starting them in different places and on different beats to create a modern, hip sound. I talk about practicing these scales over standard tunes and how you can learn to recognize when and where you can fit these scales into different tunes.
What makes these Pentatonic Scales so great is that you can play the Pentatonic Scale over many different types of chords. Master the Pentatonic Scales and you’ll have a great tool to use over everything from Jazz Standards to Rock, Funk and Pop tunes and everything in between.
This lesson comes with 3 PDF sheets that show you the Minor Pentatonic Scale in every key and all the patterns I discuss and demonstrate in the lesson.  (Audio & PDF)

5 reviews for Pentatonics-Lesson 1

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    Fantastic lesson! It’s Christmas every time I listen to one of your lessons for the first time. It’s Christmas again when 30 minutes later, I am playing things from the lesson, with out looking at the pdf. sheets, that I could not have played an hour ago! If you want to have a better grasp of your pentatonic scale and their delivery, get this lesson! C.N.

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    Great Lesson on Pentas! You make it look so simple…with your pdf sheets. A must for the 5-note fans.

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    You can’t be a good player without working on this scale. I thought I knew penatonic scales but, after this lesson I realized that even when I knew how to construct a pentatonic scale I was really ideas-empty when improvising and trying to use it.

    This lesson is cool also because you learn what other chords you can play the pentatonic scale over.

    I guess the series of exercises is also what makes it challenging and helpful.

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    Steve I just downloaded and started working on lesson 1 in the Pentatonic series. Here I thought I knew what was going on with them, but your lesson really opened up my mind and other “doors” that will lead (with devoted practice) to some much more hip sounding improv-lines from me.

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    I am going to have to line up behind all the other great reviews for this lesson, Ok so I also thought I knew my pentatonics, well I do but in comparison to this lesson I have not got off the ground. If you need to address pentatonics this is the place to start! Steve You are Burnin’

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