Overtones-The Path to Altissimo Lesson

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In this lesson I talk more about overtones. What they are and how to achieve them. I take you step by step as I work through the overtone series and  describe in detail how I use to practice these. I give tips and tricks that I use to get the different notes as well as talking about imaging the notes, vocal cord movements, singing, tongue position and breathing. I’m hoping this lesson will open some doors for those of you who have hit a road block with your overtone practicing. Lastly, I show how working on these exercises  makes the altissimo register so much easier to conquer. I use the piano to  let you hear the pitches and demonstrate the overtones on my tenor sax.  (Video & Audio)

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    James Behrens

    Overtones are not easy but I can tell will be worth the effort in terms of tone control, intonation, embouchure strengthening, alternate fingerings, etc. Another useful lesson, in this one Steve lays out the overtone harmonic series, shows how to use a piano to know which notes to aim for, and describes ways to keep overtone drills interesting after you figure out the basic idea, plus practical advice such as when in your practice routine to work on them.

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