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This lessons idea originates from a skype lesson I had the other day. The student had practiced for many months from my “Approach Note Velocity” books and in the lesson we played “Beautiful Love”. I was surprised to not hear any of the approach note lines! When I talked to him about using them on this minor tune, he said it was hard to traverse the chords and he only used the approach note lines on static chords. I thought this would be a great lesson to do for this student as well as any others out there that are not sure how to use these over moving chords on a minor tune. In this lesson, I show you a simple but effective way to apply the E minor approaches to “Beautiful Love” without worrying about the chords. The approach note lines have a unique quality about them in that they are always moving and resolving. I show you how you can just open the book to the E minor section and go to town playing over a minor jazz tune. These lines sound so complex that even if you are not “nailing” the changes, it sounds like you are. To get the most out of this lesson, you will need my “Approach Note Velocity” book for minor keys. (34 minute video)

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    por favor indiqueme como descargo Beautiful Love Approach Note Lesson.Ya lo he pagado.

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