Approach Note Freedom Lesson 3



In  this third lesson of the Approach Note Freedom series, I teach on how to work through the approach note velocity material. In this lesson, I assign one more approach to a major triad and talk about how to practice it around the circle of fifths as well as using them with the material from Lesson 1 and 2. I assign a few more  ways to practice the approaches you have worked on so far as well as a few looped patterns.  These patterns are fantastic for improving your technique and mastering the approach notes. I demonstrate on my tenor sax how to practice the material and give tips and insight on how to use it and internalize it.

When you are done with this series of lessons you will be amazed at the technique and vocabulary you will have gained through this process. In order to get the most out of this lesson you will need the “Approach Note Velocity” book as well as the preceding lessons in this series.  This lesson also comes with an audio lesson as well as some updated pdf sheets that are numbered.  (Video Lesson)


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