Take the Approach Train Lesson



This is a cool lesson that is derived from an interesting practice technique that I started a number of years ago. Back when I was working on all my approach note patterns in every key, I came up with the idea to try improvising lines over the standards I knew by starting on the same note every time.   I would go through all 12 chromatic notes and every line I played had to start with the note I chosen.   As you can imagine, the challenge to this is to try to resolve and make the lines sound great at the moment and on the fly.

It is easier said than done………In this lesson, I show you how I use this technique over “Take the A Train” by Duke Ellington.  I solo with a play along and choose random dissonant notes to start every line with.   This is a great exercise to master and builds confidence and dexterity in every key and from every possible note.(32 Minute Video Lesson)


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