Basic Jazz Articulation for the Saxophone Lesson 2



If you want to learn how to play jazz saxophone, you can’t afford to overlook this essential lesson. Proper Jazz Articulation is what makes your lines swing. If you’re just beginning to learn to play jazz, or perhaps you’re a self taught player who’s always struggled with getting your playing to sound authentic and convincing, this lesson will set you on the right path.

I start with the very basics and guide you through learning to swing, just as I would if you were sitting in the studio next to me. I talk you through the difference between playing in a classical style and playing swinging jazz. I demonstrate these ideas on my saxophone as I explain them, so you can hear exactly what proper jazz articulation sounds like as you learn to do it too. I talk about the most effective way to tongue, or articulate the notes, to achieve the proper swing feel.

This is a continuation of the “Basic Jazz Articulation” lesson.  I know from experience that it takes many students  quite a few lessons to nail down the concept of jazz articulation.  In this lesson I repeat some of the thoughts from lesson 1 as well as adding some new insights and a fresh perspective to the topic.  I demonstrate on Donna Lee on a Virtuoso tenor sax and JVW STM link.  Practice the ideas in this lesson with my lesson on Improving your Time and Improving your Swing with 2&4 and soon you’ll be playing with that authentic swing feel. (29 minute video)


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