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I have received quite a few emails over the years asking me to do a lesson on how to play “Amazing Grace” in a church or contemporary christian setting. In this lesson I demonstrate some of the tools I would use to ornament this song.  I also show you some of the ways I would express emotion while playing this “standard” christian melody. I include a PDF of the original melody just to give you a basis for my solos. I play the solos on the tenor saxophone.  You will learn the most from this lesson by playing along with it and seeing if you can copy my notes and style.(Video, Audio & PDF)

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    I did not know specifically what to expect in this lesson. Wow I have so much to learn. Wish I could do half of what you did. Incredible Sir. I am learning that I will not advance at all if I have to have sheet music in front of me. need to find a Jazzy sheet music for this song and start making it my own. Such a great lesson. I just listened to the video right now and I will pull up the PDF ,,, Thank you so much. I want to play this one day in Church. No way even close to you. But this song has a real deep meaning to me as well.
    If it takes me the rest of the year to play this, so be it. Vinny

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