Stress Free Donna Lee Lesson



This is a lesson on the scariest of subjects for a beginner or intermediate player………..improvising over fast jazz tunes!  In this lesson I take you through the changes of Donna Lee and show you how to practice improvising on the changes in a stress free way.  Stress and anxiety are two of the biggest enemies to creative improvisation and they can really mess you up on a fast bebop tune.  In this lesson I talk about relaxing and feeling fast changes in 2 or 1 rather than 4.  I show you how to start simple with easy 2 bar phrases and then build off of them to create an improvised solo with as little stress as possible.    This is more of a conceptual lesson but if you can get this concept down it will do wonders for your playing on these burnin tunes.  The side benefit of this concept is to get you away from playing your tired old bebop licks and to start creating something new and fresh.  Enjoy! (Audio,Video & PDF) (29 minutes)


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