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“All Blues” is one of the most popular standards of all time.  It was written by Miles Davis and is on the album “Kind of Blue”.  This is one of the first standards that I use with intermediate improvisers as they learn to play and improvise in 3.  This is also an easier standard to memorize and learn the chords to.  I take you through the melody and talk about the most common tools I use while improvising on this tune.  I demonstrate everything on my tenor saxophone.  (Video & Audio)

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    Steven Estes

    There is a great deal of food for thought in this lesson provided by some great examples. I think I need to back up a little bit and look at some of his earlier lessons to get some fundamentals down and then come back to All Blues, but I think I see what he’s getting at and I think it gives me a great “big picture” view of how to approach the tune from my own angles.

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