A Practical Practice Routine Lesson

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In this lesson I take you through my practice routine of the past 20 years. This lesson has to do with one of the most asked questions i receive by email……..How do I practice? What do I practice? I talk about the 5 elements of the routine and how I focus my practice time on specific goals and areas for each practice.  The areas I focus on are Tone, Technique, Tunes, Sight Reading and Ear Training.  I talk about how I divide my time and how important it is to focus on one specific thing. i hope you will get some great tips that will help you in your practice. Enjoy!  (Video)

3 reviews for A Practical Practice Routine Lesson

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    I recently downloaded the ‘practical practice routine’ this gives great focus to the areas that you need to develop, it identifies issues of information overload and encourages you to highlight an area of improvisational technique that requires improvement. There are five key areas including tone, tunes technique, ear and eye training, this is a lesson that could be easily missed but should form a crucial part of a players toolkit, Steve also talks about the importance of ending your practice on a mental high. I love the way these lessons all integrate with each other, every lesson containing part of the big picture, this is probably the biggest reason I like to source all my learning from Neffmusic.

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    Mark Crowley

    For the longest time I felt overwhelmed with how much information one must consume when learning a musical instrument – let alone learning jazz theory. My practice sessions felt unorganized and I wasn’t sure what I should be concentrating on. In this lesson, Steve really puts things into perspective and gives you an organized and focused road map on how to practice the jazz saxophone effectively. He explains how to break up a practice session so that you hit all the important areas (technique, theory, repertoire, etc.). I found this lesson to be very helpful!

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    I must have these tips of Tone, Technigue, Tunes, Site Reading and Ear Training right near or on computer. There are so many times where I have no plan and practice has been bad becomes a waste of time. This lesson is essential to moving forward. Thank you.

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