Building Your Repertoire Lesson



Building a repertoire and learning jazz songs is a must for any serious student of the jazz language.  If you do not have a long list of jazz standards that you can play by memory then you will always feel insecure and unprepared for “the gig”. If you always have to rely on the “Real Book” to play any tunes then you might be handicapping you ears and not letting them develop to their full potential.

In this lesson I give you a few tips on how to take my “Memorizing a Jazz Standard” lessons and turn those tunes into a repertoire of tunes that are at your command.  I talk about the importance of repetition and playing without the book in front of you so that you ingrain these tunes into your mind while also training your ears.

I have always felt a bit behind the ball with my  list of memorized tunes but I have been growing my list at a good pace since starting the practice habits described in this lesson.

Do not underestimate the power of having hundreds of melodies and chord changes at your disposal.  This is large part of being a great jazz player. (33 Minute Video Lesson)


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