Chad LB Burnin’ Tenor Saxophone Solo on Oleo Transcription

Here is another killer Chad LB (Lefkowitz-Brown) solo that was posted on Youtube yesterday.  This is on the tune Oleo by Sonny Rollins. What does a sax player do when he shouldn’t leave the house because of a contagious virus wreaking havoc around the globe?  Stay home!  Practice and Transcribe!  This morning I spent 5 hours transcribing this great solo by Chad.  The trio members are  Dan Chmielinski – Bass,  Charles Goold – Drums and Chad LB – Tenor Saxophone.   It goes by pretty quick so be prepared…….. Enjoy!

PS.  If you like the sound and look of the Chad LB signature tenor sax mouthpiece by SYOS in the video below, you can find them at  the SYOS website.  (Neffmusic also gets a small commission from each sale when you use this link which helps support this website).

Chad LB Trio-Oleo (Solo starts at :31)

Oleo Tenor Sax Solo-Chad LB-Bb PDF

Oleo Tenor Sax Solo-Chad LB-Concert PDF

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  1. Chad is just plain killer… I don’t know how he gets these lines out, or what he is thinking
    but just listening I love what he does. Just seems it flows out of him effortlessly.

  2. Awesome playing and awesome transcription…. Bravo…
    Joseph Miller in Los Angeles.

  3. Yes, the transcription done so quickly is amazing. Chad’s materials are similar to Steve’s and great stuff to practice. He has done immense amounts of shedding, even as a young teenager. Great teacher, and all-around cool guy.

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