Neffmusic 10 Year Anniversary-One of My First Lessons!!

Ok, so I have to post this……….It’s the  official 10 year anniversary of    I started the site in the Fall of 2006 but it really got up and running in 2007.  So 2017 is the official 10 year anniversary. Woohoo!!!! (Yes, I’m very proud………..)

I was going through my computer tonight deleting random files that were taking up space (my computer is almost at it’s memory limit) not even aware of the anniversary thing (yes, I know, so insensitive……..) when I found this random wav file labeled “file0176.wav”. I had no idea what it was but being a wav file, I must have recorded it way back in 2005-2007 time frame with my handheld recorder as that created wav files. It turns out that I think this is one of the first if not the first lesson I ever created.  (I can’t remember exactly but this is close……)


First Neffmusic Logo

When I tell the history of,  I always talk about making a sound clip for people on SOTW (Sax on the Web) who were curious about how a Barone NY mouthpiece I had sounded.  Here is the sound clip Barone NY 8 tenor mouthpiece (the date on the review says 2009 but that is because I revamped the site in 2009 it was actually made in the 2005-2006 time frame).

After I made the sound clip, I received some emails asking different questions about my improvisation and I decided to make some short 5 minute audio lessons to answer people’s questions instead of writing a bunch of emails.  I think this was one of those first lessons.

I mention my book in the clip so this must have been around the fall of 2006 as that is when I released my “Best II-V-I Patterns” book.  I probably received an email asking me to play some of the patterns and how I play “outside” on these types of lines……”   I am just imagining here as I have no memory of making this clip at all but I imagine that is why I would make it……….

I got a kick out of this.  Not sure who else will find it interesting but now that I have made 600+ lessons over the last 10 years, finding one of the first lessons is kind of nostalgic…………

Feel free to comment but please don’t judge me too harshly on the lesson as  I was new at this “recording lessons” thing and wasn’t too sure who I was talking to or why……….

One of My First Neffmusic Lessons

Steve About Steve

Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. Avatar Niklas Uhrberg says

    Hi Steve!
    Congratulations on the anniversary!
    I must say that your site with the many lessons is a very inspiring place. I haven’t come by any other site as comprehensive. I wish you all the best and btw I’m working on the material in the lessons I’ve taken so far:=)

  2. Avatar Eric Davis says

    Hi Steve, I’ve been putting off purchasing lessons from your site for years after being dissatisfied with past online lessons from other sites. I finally made several purchases and have made major strides in my playing thanks to you. I am blossoming as a player in 2017 thanks to the material you have produced. Happy 10th Anniversary

  3. Avatar Nelson lewis says

    Very cool!! So glad you started your sight and do Skype lessons. Congratulations on ten years and I look foward to practicing over your stuff for the next ten!! It’s great to have someone to push me to work hard on this stuff. Thanks again


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