Phil Barone NY 8 Tenor Mouthpiece

This is the mouthpiece that started it all!  I got this mouthpiece in a trade years ago. It’s a Metal Barone NY 7*  I wasn’t very impressed with it as it was, it was bright and stuffy and had way to much resistance.  I had the idea of sending it to Ed Zentera to reface it and open it to .110.  Ed did a great job on it.  I’ve sent it back to him 3 times.  Each time he lowered the baffle a bit to make it darker and reduce the resistance.  It plays very close to what I want now. This is the first mouthpiece that I put up when the website started so I have a sentimaental attachment to this clip.  As a side note, i haven’t played a Barone mouthpiece since this day.  I played a few before I started this website and  a couple of them were killing as I remember.  Phil says he’s making one for me to try so I hope someday to try an original Barone one again.

Here’s the Barone again by popular demand.  Playing “My One and Only Love”.

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  1. Great mpc!!!I wonder what’s the difference between NY and Hollywood models.I’m thinking to ask Phil if he can make me a Hollywood that sounds like BD Hollywood.That’s the sound I’m after.Actualy I think to buy Barones for all my horns!:))))And end the pain!

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