Drake Vintage Resin Jazz Tenor Mouthpiece

This is a new tenor saxophone mouthpiece I received in the mail last week from Aaron Drake. Drake mouthpieces have been around for a number of years and Aaron is best known for his Ceramic mouthpieces which I have reviewed here before. Recently, he has updated his website www.DrakeMouthpieces.com and come out with a new line of mouthpieces made out of “vintage resin”. Aaron sent me 3 tenor mouthpieces to try:

VRJT – Jazz Tenor (passaround model)
SSJT – Son of Slant (medium chamber)
NYJT – NY Jazz tenor (prototype – unbanded)

This review is of the  Jazz model tenor saxophone mouthpiece.

Jazz Model

If you look at the picture of the 3 mouthpieces above, the  Jazz model tenor mouthpiece is the mouthpiece in the middle. The beak has a lower profile to it than the Son of Slant mouthpiece that I reviewed. The body of the mouthpiece is also a bit narrower and is similar to the size of his Ceramic mouthpieces. This mouthpiece seems to have a similar baffle and slightly smaller chamber than the Son of Slant mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece seemed like a cross between the NY Jazz and Son of Slant model.  I liked that it was a bit darker than the NY model on the recording but it seemed to have a bit more punch and focus than the Son of Slant model.  I decided to play a little of “My One and Only Love” for all 3 mouthpiece clips so you can compare the sounds of each. You can hear that it is a little brighter and more focused than the “Son of Slant” clip but not by a lot.   I really felt more comfortable on the lower beak profile of this mouthpiece.  I really like this sound clip the best of the 3 because for me it is a bit fatter sounding than the NY but more focused than the Slant model. I like a mix of fatness and focus in my tenor sound.

For me, all three mouthpiece were great and it is very hard to pick a winner because they each have unique qualities.  As I write these reviews and listen to the sound clips I am even more confused about which one I would buy if I bought one…………. I think you could make any of them fit a variety of playing situations but if I was leaning more towards straight ahead playing I would go with the Son of Slant.  If I was leaning more towards the Rock and R&B thing but with the ability to play some jazz I would go with the NY.  If I wanted a mouthpiece in the middle that could hang on both sides and sound great I would probably go with the Jazz model.  Great job Aaron on another great mouthpiece. Visit www.DrakeMouthpieces.com for more details and to order a Jazz model to try for yourself.

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site Neffmusic.com.


  1. Hi, Steve, you sound great on the three, as usual, but I personally like the Jazz model better, it has, as you say, a very balanced cmix of medium brightness and focus, together with a nice overall thickness. I hope you’re able to review the new Drake alto pieces as well, a lot of people are really looking forward to that. Keep blowin’!

  2. Avatar Jeremy Carter says

    What’s the tip opening on this one?

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