Triad Pair Approaches Lesson 2-Connectors



I have done quite a few lessons on the triad pair concept so far. Using triad pairs while improvising is a great way to open up your lines to larger intervals and also to give your lines a more modern and angular sound.

In the last lesson on Triad Pair Approaches I taught you how to use half step approaches to start your triads.  By doing this simple technique, you can add some more variety to the triad pair concept.

In this lesson, I introduce you to the concept of linking these triad pairs together by chromatic passing notes and 1/2 step approaches.  This is a great lesson for those of you who have mastered the basic triad pair patterns and want to add some more variety and chromaticism to your lines.  I am working on these myself at the moment and am excited to see where these lessons take us.  I hope you enjoy this lesson as much as I do.  It comes with a PDF sheet of 24 connectors in the key of G7.  I will explore other keys after we get the G7 key down.

I demonstrate these lines on my tenor saxophone but the concept can be applied to any instrument. (30 Minute Video Lesson)


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