Descending Triad Pair II-V-I Lesson 1



In this lesson, I teach you how to start using triad pairs over ii-V-I progressions.  We take simple major triads a whole step apart and use them on each of the chords of a ii-V-I.  This concept creates fresh modern lines with unique intervals that sound very cool and create lines that are “outside” yet are easily resolved by the flow of the triads.  I have written out 8 lines that use the triad pairs in multiple shapes that can be practiced over the play alongs to give you complete mastery of this concept from Lesson 1.

I demonstrate the concepts in this lesson on the soprano saxophone to one of the play alongs and give you many tips on how to best practice this triad pair material. (12 PDFs of  8 triad pair exercises in all 12 keys, 12 II-V-I play along tracks in all 12 keys, 33 Minute Video Lesson)


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